IMEL is an Industrial and commercial company that has a competent human team and the technical, material and financial means necessary to produce and supply steel products for the markets in which it participates.

We seek the satisfaction of our customers as a priority and necessary condition for the success of the Company, based on improving standards, Quality objectives and providing an excellent service, efficient exploitation of installed capacity and guaranteed quality of the final product.

To achieve this policy we are in a process of continuous improvement of our internal processes and development of our staff, directing our efforts towards the prevention of incidents and occupational diseases, in order to optimize the effectiveness and compliance with applicable requirements of our Management System of Quality, based on the NCh ISO 9001: 2015 standard and which serves as support for IMEL’s strategic direction.

Senior management undertakes to comply with the applicable legal requirements and with others that the organization subscribes, considering the due protection of the interests of the company and the relevant interested parties.

IMEL undertakes to review and adapt this policy annually or when required and pertinent.