A pioneer in the steel market

IMEL was born in 1946, as a factory to supply the entire electrical pipeline industry in steel products.

In 1975 it was acquired by the renowned electric entrepreneur Juan Contreras Madrid, since then the company has had a constant growth, including new products and technologies, which has allowed it to position itself within the most relevant steel companies in Chile.

Over the years, IMEL has developed several business lines, currently having a wide range of products, such as steel profiles, pipes, pipes, conduit, Mekanocon galvanized metal profile construction systems, steel casing and coating liner, Imel Tubox construction system and mining division to provide mainly to Imel Mining Rock underground works.

In the normative we manufacture under international standards such as ASTM and ISO supporting compliance with dimensional and conformation standards under specification.

Our ISO 9001/2015 certification shows the high level of quality, product of work and dedication of each of the company's workers.

IMEL has a modern production plant with high international quality standards and technological tools that allow us to innovate permanently.

300 + Workers

60 + Full Time Contractors

80,000 + m2 installation

18,000 + m2 of production